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Artwork vs Brand

A logo is just a piece of artwork. So is a business card. So is a letterhead. Artwork is just a standard by which the brand is visually represented.

Brand has to be bigger than artwork. It must be lived, breathed spoken, and yes, visualized. But artwork alone will never define a brand.

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What is your distinction?

Unique is a term every company tries to own. Their values will surround creating new and disrupting productions. Their maxim’s will surround being influential, leading innovation, and risking all to find excellence. Sound familiar?

Everyone wants to claim territory using snappy buzz terms. But that doesn’t build a brand. What builds a brand is what truly makes your company distinct.

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Your Brand is You

Brands aren’t a mystery. They don’t appear out of nowhere. They aren’t fabricated by a mill press. They aren’t created by the hard work of a Brand creative, director, or the like.

A brand is simply everything and anything. It’s your voice, your eyes, your ears. Your responses, your writing style, your effort. Companies have brands. People have brands. Places have brands.

These brands are the stigma earned through the experiences others have through the unique lens to the world only you can provide.

So, a brand can’t be a mystery…because by definition, you already are your brand.